Best File RecoveryFile Recovery Software

  • Undelete files of type .doc, .xlsx etc. with ease
  • Perfect solution to take back files lost due to power failure or hard drive crash
  • Repossess files from Windows and Mac OS X computers
  • Recover various files emptied from Recycle Bin or Trash Bin in few clicks
  • Rescue accidentally deleted or lost files in few simple mouse clicks

Are you looking forward to buy a reliable file rescue tool?

Often people look down after losing a vital file from their personal or work station computer. For few it ties their hands at time when they delete or lose an important file. If you have a backup of lost data, it can be restored instantly; if not there occurs the main problem. In such a moment, people usually ask a common question that is there any way to recover lost or deleted files? Off course, you can undelete data lost or deleted at your finger tips. For which you need efficient file recovery tool like Best File Recovery software. For those who need file rescue software with best performance and functionalities, this application serves good. With one time simple drive scan, it will pull out lost files from the hard drive sectors for you. It is a specialized program natively designed to regain deleted file or lost documents.

Why one has to choose this program?

Name itself describe the software as it is the best one among the file recuperation tools. Simple user interface and advanced data recoup programs will make your task easier. With this software, one can get back data with no effort. Most of the professionals and experts around the world recommended this application for lost or deleted file recovery. Some of testimonials that this utility backed for its excellent performance are listed here for your reference. It is a simple and smart utility to obtain back PC files of different formats within seconds.

Common factors behind losing important files:

  • First and primary is accidental deletion of files
  • Infection of virus or application malfunctioning
  • Unintentional formatting of hard drive partition
  • File system corruption leads to data loss
  • Sudden power surge or abrupt system reboot
  • Formatting USB flash drive without copying data
  • Corruption of flash memory cards
  • Interruptions during file synchronization
  • Emptying the Recycle or Trash Bin

Numerous reasons stand in queue to take the blame. Whatever might be the reasons, if the lost or deleted file is not overwritten with new data, this software will get you back the file in short time. Usually deletion or formatting just blotch file as no longer needed and permit the file system to reuse the space of holding new data. Until some new data occupies the lost or deleted file location, it stays there unharmed. Since the data is marked as deleted, operating system fail to access, but this software will pull out such data from the hard drive sectors before overwriting with the assistance of file attributes.

Best File Recovery software is natively designed for recovering files deleted or lost from Windows or Mac storage drives. It is the most preferred file restoration software to undelete data. As long as you have this application, it wipes off your worries like how to recover corrupted file or how to retrieve lost files. Only thing is you need to act quickly. At times when you notice that file is missing, stop using the drive further for storing new files and fire up the software to lookout for it. With advanced algorithms, it retrieves the files as they were deleted or lost. With this tool, you can recover files from hard drive, USB flash drive, external or portable hard drive, memory cards, fire wire drives and iPod too. In case if you are loking for tool that can recover corrupted file then, simply make use of this url:

Unique features of Best File Recovery software:

  • Able to recover data deleted using Shift + Delete key combination
  • Undelete files emptied from Mac Trash bin
  • Easy to use Windows file recovery application. To know more how it exactly functions on Windows simply click on the link:
  • Signature search option to retrieve specific file type
  • Retrieves files along with the folder structure
  • Capable of restoring files lost due to formatting
  • Built-in option to preview the file soon after recovery
  • Free trial version of the software for evaluation.

Recent Updates:

File Recovery from USB Flash Drive: If you have accidentally deleted files from USB flash drive then don't get tensed. Best File Recovery tool can be used under such circumstances to recover deleted files from USB drive. Click here to know more about this tool:

Best File Recovery Software for MAC OS X Mavericks: Now by making use ofthis user freindly software you can recover files from MAC OS X Mavericks as well. To know in detail about this click here:

This file recovery software is highly sophisticated and is designed with modern features to execute the recovery of various files from lost partitions. In single platform you can get back all types of files with ease. It can overcome all types of data loss scenarios and you can use it reliably.

Simple steps to recover data using Best File Recovery:

At first download and install the trial version of the software. Remember; never install the software in the same drive from which you need to undelete files. Doing so might overwrite the deleted or lost files and lessen the odds of file recovery.

Once you are done with software installation, proceed with the following few steps:

1: Fire up the installed software. Choose the option Recover Files to proceed. Software will prompt you to choose between deleted and lost file recovery. Select the preferred option.

Best File Recovery - Welcome Window

Figure 1: Welcome Window

2: Later you will be asked to choose the drive or volume from where you need to retrieve data. Select the drive and click on Next button.

Best File Recovery - Drive Selection

Figure 2: Drive Selection

3: Software starts scanning the selected drive or volume to locate and restore data. Once done, you will get list of recovered data.

Best File Recovery - Files Recovered

Figure 3: Files Recovered

4: Pick a file from recovered list and preview using built-in preview option of the software. If you are happy with recovered results, buy the full version of the software to save recovered data.

So far we understood how to recover deleted or lost files. Losing files is common in the world of digital information. So, it is better to take some necessary precautions to avoid file loss in future. To be safe always keep an effective back of valuable files.

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