How to Recover Corrupted File

Corrupted File Recovery Software

Certain tough moments lead to corruption of some significant files and people hit delete on such files in rage. Think for a moment, rather than reworking to generate the same data, isn’t it good to find a solution to fix the corrupted file. Off course yes, but you have deleted the file without searching for any remedy. So what to do now?? Is it possible to recover the corrupted file?? You are absolutely right!!! Deleted or lost corrupted data can easily be recovered from Windows and Mac machines, but how, with the help of file retrieval tool. With minimum effort you can get back your corrupted file using file recovery software and make it as healthy working file with the aid of file repair software.

Deleting a corrupted file is one common mistake which people often do in ager as most important file got corrupt. When they realize their mistake, they will go on search for some efficient file recovery software. Whenever you caught in such a moment, think of Best File Recovery software. Sophisticated file undelete software natively designed to recover deleted or lost files from Windows and Mac OS X computers. You can also recover data from deleted or lost partition using this well refined tool.

Get the software and let it perform a scan of the drive from which you have lost the corrupted file. Post drive scan, corrupted file will be right in front of you. It is one the best PC files undelete application designed with powerful algorithms. A file deleted or lost will never be erased in one shot. File system permit to reuse the space occupied by that file and it will be flagged as it is of no use. Until some new file overwrites the location, previous file data continues remain intact. Such file data can be retrieved with Best File Recovery software before overwriting. By scanning the drive sector by sector, it recovers files with the help of their attributes. Even if you have formatted the drive after deleting or losing files, it will pullout corrupted files for you. It can be used to recover file from Windows as well as Mac machines within short span of time.

Never ever think that corrupted files will not able to recover after deletion or lost. As long as you have Best File Recovery software, it is an effortless task which you can do at your finger tips in few simple mouse clicks. With this software, you can undelete files from hard drive, portable hard drive, USB flash drive, memory cards and even from backup drive too. In order to understand how it works and have a look at the functionalities of the software, go ahead and download the free trial version of the application. Using which you can recover and preview the file prior to purchase. This software can also be used to recover files that are deleted or lost from Mac OS X Mevricks with ease. Click on this to know more about it:

How to recover corrupted file using Best File Recovery software?

1: Install the demo version of Best File Recovery software and launch it. Welcome screen appears as shown in Figure A. Select "Recover Files" option and then choose either Recover Deleted Files or Recover Lost Files based on the scenario.

How to Recover Corrupted File - Welcome Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

2: Software will ask you to select the drive from where to recover files as shown in Figure B. Select the drive and click on "Next" button to proceed.

How to Recover Corrupted File - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

3: Upon completion of drive scan and file recovery process, list of recovered files will be displayed as shown in Figure C.

How to Recover Corrupted File - Recovered Files

Figure C: Recovered Data

4: Select the recovered file and preview it. If you are satisfied with the results, buy the full version of the software to save recovered files.

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