PC File Recovery

Easy Way to Recover Personal Computer Files

Often personal computer users lose their stored files and they won’t even bother of it as they are not much important. Actual problem there exists when an essential file is deleted or lost. People look blank at the moment when they notice the file is no longer in the hard drive. If you haven’t yet experienced, I would suggest you to prepare for it. Whenever you caught in such a situation, remember that all is not yet over. Lost or deleted data is present in some corner of hard drive file system and waiting to come back in its position of pride. Go ahead and pull out the data, for which you need file restoration software like Best File Recovery utility. Assign the task to software and it will recover data for you.

Losing data from personal computer hard drive is fairly common. Files kept in PC hard disk drives disappear due to some technical conflicts or human mistakes. At times you confirmed that data is no longer in the computer, without any more delay think of Best File Recovery software. Since the application retrieves files only before overwriting the deleted or lost files, it needs to respond quickly. Fire up the software and admit it to scan the HDD. Soon after completion of drive scan, lost data will be waiting for your preview. With less effort, you can restore deleted file or get back lost data with Best File Recovery software.

So far we understood how to recover files deleted or lost from personal computer, but the factors behind losing files can’t be neglected, as they serve as precautionary measures to avoid data loss in future. So let us have a small walk through the reasons for losing data from PC hard drive.

  • Deletion of data unknowingly in haste
  • Infection of virus or application malfunctioning
  • Files deleting by the action of third party tools
  • Accidental formatting of PC hard drive
  • Interruptions while synchronizing files
  • Improper system shuts down due to power surge
  • PC hard drive file system corruption

Now it is time to know how to recover data from personal computer using Best File Recovery software. Since it is easy to use file recovery program, all you need to do is few simple mouse clicks. Remaining recovery process is completely automated. With the software, you can effortlessly recover lost files from PC hard drive, external drive and backup drive. It is one of the most preferred Windows file retrieval tool. And the software is also available in Mac edition to undelete data from personal computers run with Mac OS X operating system. Even if the file is corrupted before losing, you can perform corrupt file recovery to get it back. Later it can be repaired using file repair software.

Steps to recover data from PC:

1: Install and launch the demo version of Best File Recovery software to explore main window as shown in Figure 1. Choose Recover Files option from main menu. Later you will be opted to choose between Deleted and Lost File Recovery. Select the best option.

PC File Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

2: Software lets you specify the drive from where data need to be recovered as shown in Figure 2. Select PC hard drive partition and click on Next button.

PC File Recovery - Specify Drive

Figure 2: Specify Drive

3: Drive scan will be initiated. Upon completion of scanning process, you will get list of recovered data as shown in Figure 3.

PC File Recovery - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Data

4: Evaluate the results obtained using demo version of the software. If you are satisfied with the results, buy the full version to save recovered data.

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